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Behind the desk (1/?)
Title: Behind the desk
Author: marcialitman
Covert Affairs
Character/pairing: Auggie&Annie,
Rating: PG-13

Genres: Romance
Annie Walker is about to face a new challenge. But is just a bit different what she's used to.
Disclaimer: Unfortunally I don't own Covert Affairs.
A/N: Yes, English is not my native language. I accept beta readers, because I want to learn and write better.

"You couldn't do it."

Annie accomodated herself lightly, didn't really want to leave her position . It was just comfortable there. And it wasn't for the fact that she chose the matress for her taste – or her back's taste – or for the cold winter, that made everything more comfortable in bed. But she was with him. And the world could be ending out there, and nothing would change that fact: she was on her boyfriend's arms.

“I'm not exactly a example of courage.”

She looked at him, knowing that he was completely alert to her, even not finding his focus.

“Course, because your coming to Iraq doesn't count.”

Her irony made Auggie laugh. He remembered having this kind of challenging conversation with her since they met, and this familiarity was never lost, even when their mutual feelings – and the silly things them have made – resulted some kind of separation. And then, when they realized their friendship wasn't enough, this familiarity was one of the things that stayed intact.

“You have what I can call... 'natural rebellion', which was kind of troubled when you were in the field, but can be necessary for this new challenge.”

Annie sigh deeply, nostalgia invading her. The field, challenges and trips certanly would be missed. The adrenaline of fearing a broke cover or that weird sensation when you feel a gun against your forehead. It was dangerous, of course, and her sister constatly tortured her, saying she couldn't sleep at night, fearing receiving bad news in the next morning. But the spy life was her habit, and left that behind wouldn't be easy.

“I'm not someone who can be used with, you know...” She swalloed hard, like preparing to say something offensive. “burocracy.”

Auggie couldn't help but laugh, kissing her in the forehead.

“You remember how hard I resisted to stay behind a desk after Iraq. By the way, you said me I would be good, in the field or not . And I have to say the same thing to you.”

Annie pressed her lips together, carrising his face.

“Maybe, if I don't burn that pile of papper first.”

He held her hands.

“Don't try me, Walker.”

They laugh before kissing fast.

“Ok. DCS, here we go.”


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