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His eyes (PG)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Allison & Isaac (Allisaac)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own TW, but I just can wait to see what Jeff will do with them.
Sumary: Allison found so many things in Isaac's eyes.

Read more...Collapse )Allison looked at his eyes, the ones she was used to look lately.

She remembered the first time that eyes mattered to her. It was in that day when he saw her helping, and she asked him to keep the secret. Since that time, his eyes couldn’t abandon her thoughts.

Then she remembered that time in the janitor’s closet.

It was the first time he smiled to her. And it was that time he showed his fear. Allison was scared that time, but she also felt for him. It was easy to see that something was wrong. Something that traumatized him in the past.

That was that time she was affraid.

Her dad had gave himself in sacrifice, and she imagine herself without him. Losing her mom had been hard enough, painful enough. The Argents weren’t a perfect family, but they were her family after all. Allison just wanted everything as normal as could be.

And her dad was the thing she needed to preserve the most.

Allison was so affraid, and Isaac gave her comfort with his eyes. She found consolation there, and the straight she needed to try and save him.

In many occasions she found many different things. And now she can find a lot other things. Feelings that she never thought feel for him, or otherwise. She passed by so many things…

Maybe that’s why they feel this kind of thing for each other right now.

And all Allison wants is to find more of these feelings in Isaac’s eyes.